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Dr. Sorabh Das

Dr. Sorabh Das is a friendly and skilled dentist who is dedicated to serving our patients. He spent his younger years in India, where he was licensed to practice dentistry, before attending dental school at the University of California in San Francisco. Dr. Das completed his Bachelor's in Dental Surgery and went on to do his Master's in Dental Surgery, specializing in pediatrics and preventive dentistry.

Dr. Das has also worked in various mission hospitals around the globe. He has proudly served in the US Army and values his commitment to our country. Dr. Das strongly believes in the medical profession's core values: doing good for others and doing no harm. He feels that his primary responsibility is towards his patients and should always remain there. At the office, Dr. Das prides himself on providing quality care to all his patients and highly regards the opportunity to help others. When he’s not at the practice, he enjoys spending time with friends and family.
fun facts
-His favorite kind of music is country music!
-He loves Thai food.
-He is a big fan of the LA Lakers.
-He has an unusual talent for cooking.
-His favorite movie is Glory Road.

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